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Jimmy's Audiences Respond...
Feedback From The Business Community
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Absolutely fabulous motivational speech you gave to our group. I was very impressed by the reaction of our group. I hope you can come next year for we look forward to having you back.
Georgia Massa - Texas
Refreshing blend of diversity awareness training and motivation to succeed. You can see by the evaluations summary, the participants shouted that they loved your presentation. We will invite you back.
St. Luke's Hospital
The majority of comments my office has received were unsolicited where the attendees were praising your presentation. Your superb performance precisely fulfilled our needs and met our objectives.
Arthur Oden - Kroger Food Stores
We wanted you to deliver high content, highly motivating opening session to jump-start the day. You did everything we asked of you… and more!
Michael Ezzell -Pacific Bell
Right on… Bring him back…We keep hearing nothing-great comments about your content and style of delivery. Some have already called me and requested information on how to get a hold of you for their group.
Ray Kerlagon - Southwestern Bell
Awesome, Excellent, Did his homework, Very inspirational, Ideas I can use not only at work, but at home with my family, Great - The rest of our teams should hear this stuff… These are a few comments we heard. You exceeded our expectations.
ENRON Transportation Groups
Excellent… Inspiring … Right on… Bring him back… These are the many comments we heard from over 1,800 plus who attended the conference.
City of Dallas
Your energy, enthusiasm, and belief shine through in your words. You continue to have a tremendous influence in people's lives. Continue to inspire others.
Niki McCuisstion
Foundation for Responsible T.V.
The continuing popularity of your workshop testifies to its value. Your presentation was excellently presented, timely, and entertaining. You are truly blessed with a great talent.
American Payroll Association
Thank you for helping us develop the right mindset for our 450+ employees and for getting them focused on this most challenging task.
James Ellis - DuPont Corpus
Highly recommend Jimmy as a motivational, inspiring, talented, and energetic speaker. Exceptional presentation because he used examples and personal experiences that met the needs of the audience.
Karen Harris -- City of Houston
Refreshing… You gave us memorable sound bites and you have the gift of providing a context for those sound bites. You have challenged up to go to the next level in our careers. You didn't gloss over the material and you delivered more that we expected… Thank you.
Mina Bancroft - Pennsylvania Speakers Association
You opened my eyes to new ideas on diversity. Meaningful on a personal as well as a professional level.
U.S. Dept. of Agriculture
Enthusiastic… Thought Provoking… By far the best motivational speaker… Sincerity was refreshing… Please have Jimmy back again. You were our opening keynote speaker and you delivered. Thank you for setting the tone.
Angelica Stehling - Texas Safety Association
Feedback From The Educational Community
Mr. Cabrera spoke at our Senior Recognition Banquet for the Abilene Public Schools. His message was both powerful and articulate. I can honestly say that he is one of the most outstanding speakers I have ever heard. I would recommend Mr. Cabrera to anyone without reservation.
Charles H. Hundley - Superintendent
You far exceeded my expectations with the workshop you presented to our administrators. That is why I continue to use your services for the last nine years. You consistently tailor your programs, thank you.
Rebecca Kaatz, Assistant Superintendent
I speak for my faculty, staff, and Students when I tell you that your presentations were amazing. You created positive climates, ignited thinking, and triggered action. We will keep you on the top shelf as we plan next year's agenda.
P. deClercq, Principal
During my 20 years as an educator, I have sat through many assemblies. None have made such and impact or left such lasting impressions as the presentation that you gave to the students on our campus. Teachers and Students still ask about when you are coming back.
Carla Voelkel - Principal - Middle School
Students rated you above any other speaker in the program, quite an honor, coming from more than 6,000 students.
Irma Diaz-Gonzales - President, ETC, Inc.

Jimmy Has Presented In Over 600 Schools

This morning Jimmy spoke with over 2,000 students and teachers. We expected him to speak for about 45 minutes. He spoke over 60 minutes. I mentioned this to say that I was happy he went over time. The students were riveted to every word he said. He used emotion, humor, and audience participation to get his message across. When he finished, the students gave him a standing ovation like no other presenter had ever received. His message on diversity, attitude, and determination was right on. He exceeded our expectations for we have never received feedback from a presentation as we did with Jimmy. To miss out on his message would be a shame. We will be inviting him back.
James Fitzpatrick - Principal Beloit High School
Hello, my name is Gina and I am in the 7th Grade. Thank you for coming to speak at our middle school. I have an A.L.L. type cancer and I want to thank you for helping me to remember to never give up. I will look at the piece of paper you wrote hope on and look at it before and after chemotherapy and never give up hope in getting well. Thank you for reminding us that there is a future for all of us. When are you coming back to speak at our school?
Gina M. - 7th Grader - Portales, NM
Note: 5 Years later Jimmy had the honor and the privilege to be the Keynote Speaker at Gina's High School Graduation
I had the honor of hearing Mr. Cabrera speak to our cohort of GEAR UP students. I found him an enthusiastic orator with excellent student directed and success-oriented presentations. The students and faculty personally thanked us for having Jimmy back. I hope you will consider Mr. Cabrera for future motivational speeches for students, parents, and teachers.
Laura Prati, LMSW - GEAR UP
At first I didn't want to attend the assembly. But after hearing your message on the backpack you got my attention. You have given be the tools for success. I now have a better attitude and feel that I am ready to take the TAAS next week. Thank you for helping me.
Gary - Sophomore

Dear Mr. Cabrera,   <=Click To Enlarge

I am a sophomore at South Houston High School. You came in the beginning of February. I enjoyed your program. I would want to thank you for coming to South Houston High School. The one thing I learned is to believe in myself to pass the TAAS test. The one thing that was interesting was the bird and the frog that you were talking about we were the frog. The one thing that was funny was how you had the Mexican and American on the overhead. I would like you to come again and thank you for coming.
Amanda Peña
Dear Mr. Cabrera,   <=Click To Enlarge

I want to thank you and San Jacinto College for the presentation Friday. I really learned a lot. That speech inspired me to finish school and college. I learned to never be ashamed of me and believe in myself. I want to thank you for the $500 scholarship to San Jacinto College. I could really use that $500 for college. Thanks again until I see you next time. I will always remember your speech.
Augustin Yanaz
p.s. If it is to be, it is up to me.
Dear Mr. Cabrera,   <=Click To Enlarge

The Latino Student Union would like to thank you for coming to the campus of Ball State University. On the 19th of March you delivered a keynote presentation that conveyed a message we needed to hear and are still talking about. "If it is going to be, it is up to me." It was a true pleasure to have you here educating the campus about the difference we can all make, even if the difference is with one individual.

We would also like to thank you for making time for the Latino Student Union to speak about the many facets of leadership. We benefited from all you said and are taking it into great consideration as we prepare our new executive board members for next year.

During your short stay with us you helped empower, motivate, and educate the people you came in contact with. And for that you will never be forgotten. We wish you the best of luck in continuing your pursuit in educating all people. We look forward to bringing you back to our campus next year. Thank you again!!!! You were wonderful!!!!
Deepest respects,
Tiana Lugo
Treasurer, Latino Student Union
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